Since the relocation of our clinical specialist Trustee, we are looking for an experienced, qualified Counsellor or Clinical Supervisor to join our Committee. This role, together with other Trustees is to ensure the good governance of Tilehouse and be broadly responsible for:maintaining vision, mission and values; developing strategy;establishing and monitoring policy;setting up employment procedures;ensuring accountability; ensuring compliance with the law, maintaining proper fiscal oversight; selecting, managing and supporting the Tilehouse Director who has operational responsibility; respecting the role of staff; maintaining effective board performance; and promoting the organisation when appropriate.


The Committee meet once every 2/3 months, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm on Monday evenings.






We are looking for two additional Patrons to support the work of Tilehouse. Patrons are often well-known people who "lend" charities their names. Being familiar with the work of the charity, Patrons are often willing to endorse funding applications ie. let funders know that we do what we say we do, and that we do it with care and professional integrity. At Tilehouse, however, we are also fortunate enough to have Patrons who are actively involved in fundraising and organising events. We would welcome interest from anyone who would like to get involved in one or both of these ways.


Patrons are invited to annual meetings to support the Charity, to discuss progress and generate ideas.




For more information please telephone or email.