Personal experience of suffering from depression and seeing close family around you suffer enables you to almost ‘go behind the scenes’ of a truly debilitating and tragic disease.


I was made aware of Tilehouse Counselling through a fellow Patron, Flick Wright and immediately agreed to come on board.

I then met the wonderful team who do all the hard work.  Their belief, enthusiasm and care for the work they do for the young people of the community was, well quite frankly a relief.  To know that there are people like Sue Barnes and her team working hard to help the young and helpless, was inspiring.


As for myself, I have lived in Herts for 22 years.  I am married with two children (grown ups now really).  I work in a private stately home assisting the archivist, which for me is a dream job.


I sing in our village choir and am also a Trustee for a  Hitchin Almshouse Trust and do volunteer work for the Hertfordshire Community Foundation.   I could go on, but you maybe asleep by now.


Finally I work with such a great team on the fundraising side of Tilehouse – Sarah Free, James Nye and Flick Wright which I greatly enjoy.  I would like to thank everyone at Tilehouse for all that they do and making it such a lovely charity to be a part of.